Food Addiction

Diets, self-starvation, and forced vomiting are the focus of a food addict’s life. He or she uses food, not as a source of nutrition or to satisfy hunger, but rather as a means of dealing with pressure, tension, emotional conflicts, and day-to-day problems. Focusing on food allows one to avoid confronting unpleasant emotions.

Food addiction is characterized by unrestrained consumption of large quantities of food, beyond what is needed to satisfy one’s physical needs or one’s hunger. The eating is uncontrolled, often undertaken in secret and without taking the time to sit down calmly to a meal. The consequences of overeating include shame, revulsion, guilt, and depression.

One of the more serious repercussions of food addiction is obesity, which can contribute to health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

Overeating is not the root of the problem. Food addicts are people who have not learned how to deal appropriately with pressure and emotional problems. Instead, they use eating as a means of coping. Therefore, until the underlying psychological issue is treated, techniques involving willpower, promises, threats, or self-discipline will prove ineffective in the long run.

Treating Food Addiction

At Kesharim (Connections), treatment focuses on the cause of the addiction, so that addicts can retake control of their lives and develop a balanced and normative lifestyle. Professional care and a supportive environment are the key to restoring faith in oneself and to steering one’s life in a healthy direction.

Can a Person Deal with Food Addiction Alone?

Attempting to overcome food addiction on one’s own can be a depressing and frustrating experience.

At Kesharim, we have a supportive and professional staff with a proven track record of treating people with food addiction and enabling them to make significant changes in their lives.

Our experts will guide you from the start, will create a discrete program adapted to your needs, and will support you throughout the transformative process.

We have assisted and continue to assist many others who suffer from food addiction and can offer you the same personal and professional care. With our staff at your side, you are no longer alone.