The Treatment Process

At Kesharim (Connections) our program is designed to promote lifestyle changes necessary for dealing with addiction, distress, and pressure. The program combines two approaches that, in tandem, have proven highly effective in treating addictions: Adlerian psychology and the Twelve Steps program. The addict learns to make cognitive and behavioral changes that enable him to ease his suffering and allow him to become a contributing member of his family and society.

Before a client begins treatment, we carefully assess his needs and build an appropriate program. As we not only understand our clients’ needs to maintain their daily and weekly routine but also strongly encourage them to do so, we work with them to construct schedules that are as nonintrusive as possible.In our experience, treating all members of the immediate family is the key to recovery and long-term sustainability. Therefore, we offer the addict's spouse/partner, parents, and adult children programs where they receive support and tools for coping with the situation in which they find themselves.


What does the program for the addict entail?

  • Private therapy with a social worker
  • Therapy groups
  • Twelve Step groups
  • Individual guidance with a counselor
  • Counseling for improving the relationship between the addict and his spouse/partner

What does the program for the addict's spouse/partner entail?

  • A support group for spouses/partners of addicts based on the Twelve Steps program
  • Guidance from a spouse/partner of an addict who underwent the process him/herself
  • Private meetings with a social worker
  • Group therapy with a social worker
  • Counseling for improving the relationship

What will transpire during the program?

  • Personal and group connectivity, based on encouragement, openness, and courage to effect change.
  • Discovery of the source of the distress.
  • Practical application of the Twelve Step process as a coping mechanism

What will I get from the treatment?

  • A sense of belonging and empathy
  • An end to the addictive behavior
  • The capacity to take responsibility
  • Strengthening of the ego
  • Insight and introspection
  • Awareness of emotions and the capacity to express them appropriately
  • Improved relationship with family members and others
  • Socially acceptable behavior